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On 1 April 1981 the Presidium of the Lenin Shipyard Institute Commission (KZ - Komisja Zakładowa) of NSZZ Solidarity 'recalled' her from the Presidium of MKZ on trumped up accusations (inciting strike action, collecting signatures for a vote of no-confidence in Wałesa, misrepresenting her constituents, and acting in a manner detrimental to the union).However, a number of Solidarity departmental cells in the shipyard promptly issued statements in support of the KZ Presidium's action.

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One of the last letters which John Paul II wrote was to Anna Walentynowicz wishing her speedy recovery from a back injury.

She also headed the list of the strike committee of the Gdańsk shipyard typed by Lech Wałęsa.

On the third day of the strike, 16 August 1980, management granted Lenin Shipyard workers their working and pay demands.

It demonstrates just how much the movement had changed in under a year, and moreover, just how far apart were the new activists from the old strike leaders-and from the union's rank-and-file." PZPR was also involved in lobbying against Walentynowicz in this affair, with Jan Łabędzki, first Secretary of PZPR inside the Lenin Shipyard announcing publicly that Walentynowicz... In October 1981, during a meeting with workers in Radom, two officers of the security police - in collaboration with the secret cooperant (TW) Karol - attempted to poison her.

She was acknowledged as the Woman of the Year in the Netherlands.Walentynowicz and Pienkowska managed to close the gates of the shipyard and keep some workers inside, but many workers went home, only to return by the next day.

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