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“If the message is clear enough, people will listen,” he said.

“There can be no other sentence from my perspective if you take the life of another.” With Briggs’ daughter, Lisa Breed, standing next to her, Janet Sharpe — a friend of the family — read a statement Breed prepared.

Jim Seward came to Cortland Wednesday to raise what has become a hot-button issue: how does the state monitor registered sex offenders who have served their time and have been reintroduced to society?

Seward (R-Milford) was touting plans to locate registered sex offenders that have fallen off the radar in New York state.

He resigned from the force four days after Briggs died.

Ramon Ceja, the suspect in a 1998 rape investigation who fled the area after he was initially arrested, turned himself in to Santa Barbara County Jail on April 24 and is now behind bars.

Sheriff's detectives arrested 45-year-old Ceja 14 years ago on allegations of rape, burglary, and domestic violence. His information, though, has been posted on the Sheriff's Department “Most Wanted” Web site and members of the department's Felony Fugitive Unit started looking for him again last year.

He said he was sorry and that he wished he could take back the night of accident.

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His attorney, Mark Suben, called him a “good but imperfect man.” “There are no words that I can offer the Briggs family,” Stockton said.

Hartnett asked the judge to impose a sentence of 2 to 6 years.