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Man is be-ginning more consistently to recognize the economy ofnature ̶ ̶ the living, moving, evoluting, materialism of theearth and all thereon and therein.

There is a great law ofcompensation in nature that tends to progression by analmost imperceptible step. Haste invariably precedes a slip to the rear, but the marchis onward and the centuries prove themselves the offspringof past centuries only in their baser traits.

I will endeavorbriefly to state the cause of the organization of this body.

Since primeval man and his traditions have passed into thegreat has been, and modern civilization with its writtenlanguage and its history has appeared upon the stage oflife, man has been led to the study of man from the planeof reason.

The old captain tried in vain to subdue the desire,and the upshot was that he was at length force to the con-clusion that he must either give up religion or the bird. Ferguson ̶ ̶ A certain foreman had been muchtroubled by reason of the delay caused by the young ladiesin the shop. Scott you can sing a good song and singa song well. She's as plump as a partridge and fair As the rose in its earliest bloom; Her teeth will with ivory compare, And here breath with the clover perfume. Wilson ̶ ̶ The newly wedded country gent was regis-tering at the Grand Pacific. " Countryman ̶ ̶ Wall, you might send one upfor her, I guess, but I can piss out of the winder. So what does he do, but hoist himselfonto the window sill and fire away. Rogers ̶ ̶ One of the oldest chestnuts on my list isthat of the young man who wanted to know what thewomens said and did at the sewing circles.

"Now," said he, "everyone of you girls who has hair inher drawers stand up." All save one little ten-year-oldgirl arose. Withoutobtrusive explanation the young man arose, pulled up hisdress and skirts in front and asked, "How's that for acucumber? She was suspected by the female portion of the congrega-tion, and the tongue of slanderous or scandalous gossip hadbeen wagging fiercely. "I went to my room, but, Ohthe awful bad thoughts I had." "Well," says the priest, viciously. The old woman thought it was a punishment andexclaimed: "Och! Luk at the pinancethe priest iz puttin an uz an me here widout me dhrawers." The King ̶ ̶ Will Brother Warner favor us with a story?His voice, a mellow baritone, wasthe envy of every member of the club. Scribner hav-ing been chosen as secretary of state, and Mr.Green ascomptroller of the treasury, the king rose and said: "Gentlemen of the Chestnut Club.Even as there can be no retro-grade without progression, so there can be no onwardmarch without some backward trend. "It is because of this need that we, the busy, bustlingdrummers of the great Northwest are met on this occasion. Gentlemen, itis the law of this club that when a member is called uponfor story, joke or song, he shall at once respond, or pay a round of drinks. Smith ̶ ̶ The king and gentlemen of the club: Theoldest and mustiest chestnut that occurs to me at this time,is the well worn story of the man who was so inordinatelyjealous of his pretty little wife.

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Man need to see,to feel, to touch the wrong before he learns to know theright. We feel this need ̶ ̶ this bent of man to turn our faces fromthe dusty way that leads to cent per cent, and here in songand toast and story and the joke,. "It is because we recognize the universal and funda-mental law of procreation that we do not bar the dooragainst the tough and mouldy yarn. In case he does his tale unfold, it mustbe an old chestnut, or the penalty applies. So haunted was he withfear that she might be untrue to him; that night and dayhe ceased not to toss the subject about in his mind.

The pressing of the lever downward makes agreater upward sping in the rebound.

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