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The Charlie Hebdo massacre provided yet another grim example of how social media horizontalism imposes conformism and censorship on the very same groups who consider themselves outside the old mainstream consensus.Take for example this warp-speed way that the most popular of Anonymous Twitter accounts, @Your Anon News — the very symbol of contemporary radical activism — fell into line with the Twitter Left’s verdict on the Charlie Hebdo massacre.Dorenko was a rather unique (and loathsome) authority on Kremlin censorship—a once-famous TV news anchor nicknamed "Telekiller," he’d served as Putin's most effective TV character assassin, helping propel the obscure KGB spy's rise to power in soon as Putin's political opponents were thrashed into submission, Dorenko fell victim himself to Putin’s censorship for daring to criticize the new Master on his popular evening TV show.Dorenko's show was pulled, and he's been scrounging around the margins of Russia's broadcast media world ever since.It was this vertical, “elitist” control over media and information that supposedly was the real cause of all of our political problems, and our political disasters (Iraq, financial crisis)—at least according to the popular cant of today.The solution to “elites” controlling our narratives is therefore supposed to be horizontal, decentralized structural power, i.e., the Internet, and especially social media—which, again, levels and flattens old media hierarchies and makes it possible for other non-elite viewpoints and narratives to break in.

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Which makes our “horizontal” censorship in many ways more effective and powerful than the cruder Kremlin “vertical” approach to censorship—according to Dorenko’s theory.

This was contrasted to our “horizontal” censorship in the West: rather than coming from a tyrannical top-down force, our censorship is carried out horizontally, between colleagues and peers and “society”; through public pressure and peer pressure; through morality-policing; and from within oneself, one’s fears for one’s career, and fears one can’t necessarily articulate, fears that feel natural rather than imposed upon.