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2 hours in a little powder and wood make an appearance. L'Instant de Guerlain Extrême Eau de Parfum: I took a chance and wore this fragrance last evening on a warm, August night in GA. Wouldn't choose it for the daylight in the sun, but for a summer night out it was perfect. As a fragrance hobbyist, I felt I needed to have it. This one smells like rotting oranges in bitter cacao at the opening. Except where Ultra Zests orange opening is bright, delicious and sweet, LIDGE's is like the same orange opening dug up from a grave. And here's where a 5/10 fragrance in my book, turns into a masterpiece 10/10. Some people love the opening, and I can understand why. Perhaps when I'm in my late 40s this scent will be a familiar face, finally ready to embrace me and my wrinkles.As LIDGE moves into drydown, the individual notes merge into a beautifully orchestrated symphony, each note supporting and amplifying its fellow note. To my nose, LIDGE is a very complex, classy, refined, quality, elegant and mature scent. Where you fall on that scale will depend on your age and the place you currently are in your fragrance journey. A sparkling intro with fresh citrus & anise, followed by patchouli, creamy sandalwood, a dusting of cocoa, and soft-focused warm earthiness- this is definitely a masculine with those seamless transitions typical of a Guerlain. اگر پول خوبی خواستید بدید واسه یه عطر درجه یک سنگین و مجلسی برای خودتون و یا خرید هدیه ارزشمند برای آقای 35 به بالا، با اطمینان این رو انتخاب کنید. Also, it's Guerlain, which is often synonymous with quality. I don't care about the perfumer politics, of which Guerlain has a lot of in that regard. This scent is very classy, and honestly rather timeless, both ancient and modern. However this is for a mature, older guy in a suit, paired with a classy older woman.This is dark chocolate, with dry cacao, dirty patchouli and blood orange attempting to ooze through the liquid chocolate that is being poured over it.This is like a cherished dessert made by craftsmen in some old town European cold country.Went out and got it, i also check the notes & reviews on here, basenote and profumo. At the end of the day, it's all about the scent, and that's what I'll be reviewing this based on, nothing else is taken into consideration. Yeah he can pull it off, it's a nice scent, but it's just seems odd, like it doesn't belong on him. All things aside, there is one thing I cannot fault this scent with, and that's it's uniqueness. when I wear something like, say, Versace Eros (nothing wrong with eros, really nice frag!) then the next day I put this on, i think to my self how eros was made for a younger guy, probably the clubbing type, and how this was made for the mature, settled man!If you are young and / or just starting out in your exploration of fragrances, you will probably not like this one. If you are older and / or have been on your fragrance journey for a while, you will love this one. Lockon, something wrong with your bottle or your sense of smell. this is the strongest and longest lasting perfume in my collection. I expected great things from this one, given how hyped up it was and still is. I also don't care how many other people like this, or what pedestal they put this on. It's bitter, smells off, and reminds me of oranges going bad. It's as if every note in this juice is screaming at you all at the same time. As if you mixed all the colours of playdough together and got a brown ball of "everything". Some say it's a love it or hate it thing, and compare it to Amen by Mugler. Younger guys can probably pull this off, but they probably would seem kind of odd wearing it, like it doesn't belong on them. Longevity: 6/10 Silage: 5/10 Projection: 2/10 Personal Appreciation: Ultra Zest from the grave/10 I wrote my first review of the "reform" version of LIDGE in December 2016. you know, the older I get, as the days go by, I start to realize how certain scents are in fact made for "Mature" and "Battle hardened" men.LIDGE fits well in formal wear as well as trendy casual attire, but it is a little to elegant for very casual attire IMO. I have not tried the newer versions, so I cannot comment on differences between the black rimmed bottle and the 2 following bottles. while I am printing this I wore this perfume before work so now 8 hours later after applying and It smells really really strong I kind of got tired of its power. I bought this because i heard That it, "last forever"... I'll need to wait till it's cooler to try it again. I know that this scent is somewhat of a legend in the community. Kinda like if a guy in his 40s was wearing Abercrombie's Fierce or something. I ended up getting upset as I thought this frag was now a joke compared to the black rimmed version. Beatrice knew DAMN well what she was doing when she made this, and even if perhaps thierry had a touch in the reform version, i can tell you without a shadow of a doubt this MASTERPIECE was made with that mature, well versed, classy, confident and attractive man in mind.

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The perfume opens with notes of crystal citruses, star anise and elemi. First of all this Smells almost identical to the EDT vesrion but it is much more concentrated and with slightly less citruses in the opening.The more you spray the more you drip with the sweet tooth of winter's gorgeousness.On all fronts this gets: 10/10 This is a great one. I think they should have just put a higher concentration of everything for the EDP to make it stronger rather than go the extra Patchouli route. I'm back with my impression of Guerlain's vintage version of LIDGE!Surprisingly, the first phone call in an online dating relationship can be tricky even if you’ve been feeling comfortable up until this point.

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I would say that the vintage bottle is a bit more thicker and dense in all areas especially the longevity and projection ,so I'd wear it more in the colder months.