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I wouldn’t watch the news (solely) since they are heavily biased towards ratings.

Subscribe to different websites who keep you updated of occurring events that may impact your life.

Observe and select the ones you learn from carefully. Most people are looking for “events” as opposed to “grinds”.

Health, wealth and love don’t come in events but by carefully selected actions every single day.

your dad that smoked, your splurging habits of your friends, …) We admire status and prestige in others and are sometimes blinded by the way they’ve acquired it.

Find highly concentrated knowledge and not just random people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Look at your life as one big piece of marble and everyday you grind away one small piece of imperfection. Choose the general direction you want to go and adjust accordingly.

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Mentors will shave years of your learning curve and I recommend you to get one. A great way to create a networking spreadsheet is by using the free ebook from John Corcoran – I’ve found it to be invaluable.Application & Thoughts See the difference between your “rich” friends and “poor” friends in each area.The friends who are “rich” in health; Invert their behavior and see how it pays off. Through observational learning it’s possible to instill bad patterns in you that you remain stuck with for a great while (e.g.This step is based on the theory of evolution which states that the person who’s best-adapted to his environment is the one that’ll survive.

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“The good life” doesn’t go to people who don’t notice the “change of seasons.”The person with static skills will never thrive in an dynamic environment.Everyone has a piece of gold that we can extract from them.

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