Dating site traffic

20-Jul-2016 18:40

Tinder suggests that thumbs (like biceps) become increasingly fatigued as January wears on.Last year, there were 10 percent more matches on January 3, 2016 compared with January 31, 2016.They have been testing with Optimizely since early 2012 to grow online readership.

(For the uninitiated, a match happens through a mind-numbing process known as swiping profiles—left for ; a higher number of matches means there are more people swiping at a given time, unless one is painfully picky.)But just as foot traffic at your gym begins to level out as the month progresses so, too, does activity on dating sites and apps.Product managers like Kerstin Exner are encouraged to run A/B tests whenever possible, as long as a strong business case can be made for each experiment.One property The Guardian optimizes frequently is its dating site, Soulmates.In case readers were wondering, January happens to be the least popular month of the year for weddings.

Afterall, peak breakup season could spell a nightmare for even the simplest seating charts.

The anxiety and stress imposed by the holiday season—social obligations, nosy relatives, too much family time and booze, terrible gifts—leave many people longing for something (or someone) new.