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10-Nov-2016 10:27

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Here are however is a brief description of what you can expect when you meet Greek men.

Greek mamas are a formidable presence in their son’s lives and if you don’t belong to their culture, chances are slim that she would approve of you as her son’s partner.

It is unusual for them to sit and agonize over whether a particular course of action would be right or wrong; so a guy may be comfortable walking up to tell you what a beautiful woman you are even though he is sporting a wedding ring.

They are not likely to spend hours weighing the pros and cons of a situation but would much rather jump in the fray and enjoy themselves.

You can hold the high sense of drama in ancient Greek tragedy responsible for this kind of emotional ranting but then this is how a large number of men here behave.

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Smoky hot looks Not for nothing that you have heard about men here looking like Greek gods.

In the same line, go anywhere in Greece, especially in summer and you will see large number of festivals taking place, with people participating and enjoying themselves – never mind a working day or a weekend.

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