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Closed-cycle turbine engines using inert gases, organic fluids, and metal fluids have been studied for providing long-duration electric power for spacecraft.Other applications of interest for turbine engines include land-vehicle (cars, trucks, buses, trains, etc.) propulsion power and ground-based electrical power. Glassman 10i SOLIDITY 10 2 BLADE-PROFILE DESIGN .'.'.' ns REFERENCES 124 SYMBOLS '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. CHANNEL FLOW ANALYSIS by Theodore Katsanis 127 STREAM- AND POTENTIAL-FUNCTION ANALYSES ... 193 BOUNDARY-LAYER PARAMETERS 195 BLADE-ROW LOSS COEFFICIENTS 201 BLADE-ROW LOSS CHARACTERISTICS 217 REFERENCES 221 SYMBOLS 223 8. Roelke 225 TIP-CLEARANCE LOSS 225 DISK-FRICTION LOSS 231 PARTIAL-ADMISSION LOSSES 238 INCIDENCE LOSS 243 REFERENCES 246 SYMBOLS 247 9. Goldman 249 METHOD OF CHARACTERISTICS 2 50 DESIGN OF SUPERSONIC STATOR BLADES 263 DESIGN OF SUPERSONIC ROTOR BLADES 266 OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS OF SUPERSONIC TURBINES 272 REFERENCES 277 SYMBOLS 278 10. Rohlik 279 OVERALL DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS 2 84 BLADE DESIGN 295 OFF-DESIGN PERFORMANCE 302 REFERENCES 305 SYMBOLS 306 11. Colladay 307 GENERAL DESCRD7TI0N 307 HEAT TRANSFER FROM HOT GAS TO BLADE 314 CONDUCTION WITHIN THE BLADE WALL 328 COOLANT-SIDE CONVECTION 330 FILM AND TRANSPm ATION COOLING 332 SIMILARITY 340 REFERENCES 345 SYMBOLS 347 12.For a one-phase system of constant chemical com- position, enthalpy can be expressed as a function of temperature and pressure: h=icn(T, p) (1-5) where h is specific enthalpy, in J/kg or Btu/lb.

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The notes written and used for the course have been revised and edited for publication. Glassman i BASIC CONCEPTS AND RELATIONS 1 APPLICATION TO FLOW WITH VARYING AREA . A more complete treatment of these subjects can be found in reference 1 and in many textbooks.In general, a real gas will approximate ideal behavior at low pres- sures or high temperatures, conditions under which the free space within the gas is large and the attractive forces between molecules are small.

We are now likely to the south of where we just saw them head north.… continue reading »

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