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08-Aug-2016 12:23

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By the time I got to him, his cock was hardened and sticking straight up over the table. This man, this dominant, big-dicked, sissy-conquering man. Maintaining eye contact, I made a perfect "O" with my mouth.

I leaned forward and, following my training, I kissed the head and whispered to it, "Thank you," before ducking my head down and taking a deep breath of his musky scent. He had gone from being my neighbor, to being a man who showed me to explore my crossdressing fantasies, to the man who owned me with his huge cock. It was exaggerated, but I could imagine how sexy it would look.

My gag reflex had started to wane in the past month, making it easier for me to please daddy more. I looked up at him, confused, panting with my tongue hanging out.

He stood up then slapped his cockmeat on the table.

He was muscular, older, and just oozed masculinity. I felt so safe in his shadow, yet all the changes I went through made the situation feel so dangerous at the same time.

I wanted him to give me his big, thick- The garage door opened. I scanned the room one more time, everything looked perfect. Gently, I eased myself down to my knees and looked down. Slowly, I reached my hand down and stretched my socks up high then ran my hand gently up my creamy thighs up to my breasts and plumped them up.

I knew this submissive pose well, he had taught me this on my first day living with him. Into my eyeline came his shoes and the hem of his pants. Then I looked straight at him, pursed my lips, and gave a kiss to the air. Now go take a seat at the dining table and wait for me." He never gave me full approval, even though I've come such a long way in the months since I met him.

"And that dinner, your cooking skills have gotten much better. This was like looking at a museum piece, something that was so precious and un-earthly that it needed to be preserved and awed. He looked back up at me, smiled, and said, "Well sissy, come get your dinner." I kicked my seat back and got up on the table.

With slow, steady movements, I crawled to him, like a dog seeing a treat but wanting to savor getting it.This made me take more of his cock and my moans were vibrating his rigid meat.